LA Timber Design is a group of Craftsmen creating unique custom furniture, light fixtures, and display units in and around Los Angeles. They work heavily with salvaged wood, vintage cast metals and most items that have been given a second and even third chance at life.

Commissioned Displays

20'x20' Display/cashier island for Hughes estate Sales


This miniature fort was built as the central hub for; checking-out, wrapping items, high-end display, and as a platform for employees to keep a watchful eye on the floor room.  





Constructed & Finished with 90% salvaged doors=> Check out our Step by step process.











Floating Shelving Unit for Fold Gallery


Constructed out of 90% salvaged timber and mounted with LA Timber's custom shelving wedge brackets. You can visit this wonderful display at Fold Gallery DTLA.



Portable Door Bar






Merchandise Display Unit

LA Timber has designing a new display wall for Pasadena Architectural Salvage. This unique design has been built out of 90% salvaged door timber. Each piece has been sanded down revealing what looks like topographical layers of paint. These doors not only have the wood grain to exhibit their life span as a tree, they also have the many different layers of paint that exhibits there life as a door. We celebrate this idea and have taken these units of wood and "yet again" given them new life. Something that drives the creativity behind LA Timber. 



Work Table & Display


Merchandise Display Bench


portable door bar





Custom Desk

desk pic.png
Portable Back Bar

Portable Back Bar


This back bar will be made out of one hundred percent salvage doors. Very similar to the front bar this bar will fold up to a 58"h x 24"w x 12"d; Perfect height for sliding right onto a dolly for transportation.

Check us out on Instagram @WinstonRyleeDesign to watch the progression of this Back Bar and more!

Create with your mind through your hands. create something tangible. create something real.
— Winston Rylee