Winston Rylee's trade mark art-form consists of Pyrographic's on salvage wooden panels with accents of colored gouache. Most of the subjects represented in his art are strongly influenced by the natural-world. Winston Rylee also creates home-made natural stains and finishes that he uses to complete his works. He creates these stains using rusty nails, coffee grounds, apple cider vinegar and other natural ingredients.





Winston Rylee Design is a place where old things become new. Where new ideas are stimulated by function, salvage, and the hunt for materials.




la timber Design

LA Timber is a group of Craftsmen creating unique custom furniture, light fixtures, and display units in and around Los Angeles. They work heavily with salvaged wood and vintage cast metals.

Wooden art & furniture is not meant to be made by a machine. The beauty comes from the sculpting by human-hands. We as humans relate to wood through the life-cycles and imperfections we share. When altering timber the human eye needs to recognize the nuances within the wood; taking timber and putting it through a CNC machine is taking the very essence out of why to use wood as your artist platform. I find great pleasure in making a functional piece of art out of something that was going to be thrown away. We live in a disposable nation so to revitalize is refreshing to me.
— Winton Rylee

Create with your mind through your hands. Create something tangible. Create Something real.
— Winston Rylee